BratayleyMoji - Celebrate Life by the Bratayley's App Reviews

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Doesn't work

I gave this 2 stars because I LOVE Bratayley but this app doesn't work!!! When I try to send and emoji it sends nothing. I love Bratayley, but this app is not worth it.

It's awesome!

You should definitely get it!! It's the best app especially if you love bratayley!

It's cool but doesn't work

Now don't get me wrong I love Bratayley but it is not working for me I am trying to send it on text to my friend and it won't copy.

BratayleyMoji Rating

I love BratayleyMoji because I've been watching Bratayley on YouTube since the beginning of their channel. It gives me a chance to express my feelings while having fun with cute Bratayley emojis.

Great but ...

This is an awesome app! I really recommend it! It's totally worth the money and if you are a Bratayley fan then I promise this will be what takes up your storage. However, this app is full of Annie. I love Annie! But Hayley too ... there is Hayley emojis but now enough. I also think now that Hayley will be doing dance they should add dance emojis! But I do recommend this!


I love this app so so much.

Add more stickers

U should add more stickers

Love it



BratayleyMoji is amading I love it soooo much the stickers are so realistic. I give this app a 👍🏼


I think it's great but I wish Caleb and Hayley got more emojis


This app is awesome for Bratayley fans I would totally recommend


I love love love this app, but I wish there was emojis of Hayley doing the gymnastics because there's emojis of Annie doing gymnastics. It's not totally worth the money though 😊😘

The best !

I am obsessed with Bratayley! And it's really cool to text with my friends

Must get it's awesome!❤️💓😊

Since you saw Bratayley's app you must get it! It's amazing. You can send lots of stickers to friends for example my bff and I always just send them to each other when we are bored and it's amazing the stickers or of Annie Hayley and Caleb and there are gymnastics ones and Bratayley logo's it's amazing you must buy it! Also bratayley is my fav YouTuber so now I have their app and that's amazing!!!💓❤️😊💜and don't forget to Celebrate life!❤️🆑

Love the app💕😍

Ommygosh! This is the best app on my phone!! So very worth it, ps Bratayley I have been subscribed sense day one... literally I could not live knowing there was a family going through the same rough time as myself . My sister died at the age of 14, she is in a better place now but still on the days I feel low you guys seem like you are always there for me and my family. Thank you so incredibly much ❤️


I bought these emojis because they look so awesome! I also love Bratayley! They are my favorite YouTube channel that I watch all day everyday!!! I also live how colorful they are! My favorite ones are the Caleb ones❤️🆑!


This is such a great app! I love it!! ❤️❤️



Won't even work it won't copy

It won't even copy, I can't even get it to work it's a waste of two dollars I suggest not buying this I am a huge bratayey fan but not a fan of these emoji's

Worth it😍

All of the stickers are adorable! The Caleb ones make me smile 😊def recommend

❤️Why I love the app❤️

I love the app not just cuz I love them I mean who doesn't love bratayley I am a huge fan the app is just sooooooooo colorful and fun it explains everything about them it has caleb I love the app good job bratayley


I LOVE IT SO MUCH💜 Love u guys

Love it

People looking at the reviews go get the app it's amading. GET IT!🤗. Love ❤️ , Bratayley's biggest fan.

I LOVE THIS!1!1!1!1!1!1😍😍😍

This app is awesome!11!1!! The emojis are super cute and I use them all the time! Definitely worth buying!!1!1 Especially if you are a big Bratayley fan like me!1!! So fun💗💗💗


I love bratayley and gymnastics and I can't subscribe or comment on YouTube because my google account is only for school.


I love this app so much bratayley is like my favorite youtubers ever I've watched them for years and now I can send these to my friends I'm so excited




love this app and bratayley❤️💜


This app is so cool I love how I can use my favorite utubers stickers in real life

This is awesome

This is so cool!!!! I love this app sm!!!!!

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